Luger Research is the organizer of the LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS). The LpS is an annual event and meeting point for experts from international lighting industries and research, which takes place at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria. With about 60 lectures, several workshops, 1,500 expected visitors and around 100 exhibitors, this event is one of the world’s leading lighting technology conferences. The sixth LpS will cover trends and technologies for future lighting solutions under the motto: Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations from September 20th to 22nd, 2016.


LpS 2016 - he Leading European Lighting Conference Forecasts Further Transformations, Bregenz, Austria

September 2016
The sixth LED professional Symposium +Expo opened its doors on September 20th, in Bregenz, Austria. About 1,500 lighting professionals and over 100 exhibitors took part in Europe’s foremost lighting conference and exhibition. Experts from academia and industry, including Prof. Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2014, discussed cutting edge findings and explored new technologies and applied them to business models and use cases in applications. The conversion of lighting, which started with LED and OLED light sources, will continue with new technologies such as communication tools and IoT. The LpS 2016 also showed that lighting will be transformed into specific solutions for things such as Horticulture Lighting, Automotive Lighting and Indoor and Outdoor Lighting. Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations, the motto of the LpS 2016, conveyed the key aspects for new lighting solutions – building synergies between devices, algorithms and usages.

Lectures & Scientific Award Winner
The comprehensive symposium program with about 100 first-class lectures attracted the global lighting community to take part in the conference and visit the exhibition. While the speeches in earlier years were focused on light sources, this year technologies like smart lighting, connectivity and Internet of Things were added to the extended conference program. This reflects a trend moving away from pure LED hardware and towards intelligent lighting. In the field of SSL applications, current developments in Human Centric Lighting were presented and discussed.
From all of the submitted publications the Advisory Board selected what it felt were the six best scientific papers according to criteria such as novelty, scientific exposition of the investigations and applicability of the outcomes. The topics of the scientific papers ranged from new phosphor materials and driver technologies over lifetime investigations to optics optimization and measurement. The winner of the LED professional Scientific Award 2016 was Dr. Rubén D. Costa from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg for his investigation of "Bio-Inspired White Hybrid Light-Emitting Diodes". This new color conversion technology might open the door for LEDs that are not dependent on rare earth based phosphors with limited availability. Munich Re, sponsor of the Scientific Award 2016, handed over the €3,000 check to the winner.

Workshops and Forums
The eight interactive workshops and forums covered the subjects of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Horticulture Lighting, Measurement Standards, Lighting Design Requirements, Color Tunable Lighting, Alternative Light Sources, Risk and Finance Management and Collaboration Strategies with Asia. In summary it can be said that future lighting systems will need a holistic design approach that is based on advanced technologies, covers global regulations and has adaptive and flexible applications for users. The transformation from hardware to software based lighting systems, using the latest digital technologies, can be seen as a primary direction for future designs.

Alongside the LED professional Symposium was the world-class exhibition that visitors have become used to in Bregenz. Exhibitors from all over the world presented high tech products, equipment and services. The Expo showcased a complete range of state-of-the art products from components to systems including controls, subsystems and peripherals for luminaire producers and manufacturers in the main user market segments. The LpS 2016 exhibitor list read like the who’s who of the global LED industry: Nichia, Cree, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Samsung and Seoul Semiconductor, came with their teams from the US, Asia and Europe. Other global players like Arrow, Avnet Silica, BJB, EBV, Dow Corning, DEKRA, Infineon, Instrument Systems, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Merck, ST Microsystems, Vossloh-Schwabe and Wacker Chemie to name just a few, showcased their latest products and services to an international audience. Among the myriad of products and services there was also a humanoid robot and an Audi R8 with laser headlights to see. Another highlight this year were the Start-Up companies that exhibited and brought totally new and innovative ideas to the show.

Product Launches
Exciting product launches were presented in the exhibition and at the international press conference. Auer Lighting introduced a new color-mixing glass optic named “Shopwhite” which was designed for multi-color LED arrays. Gigaherz-Optik launched the measuring system “TPI21-TH” for testing and binning of back-end LEDs. The IA-1200 hot melt room-temperature vulcanization adhesive by Dow Corning was formulated to achieve instant green strength. Ophir Photonics pioneered with the “FluxGage” LED luminaire measurement system, which is three times as small as an equivalent integrating sphere. An innovative approach to directional lighting application provides the new Plessey OrionTM PLWSC3000 series. Dow Corning’s MS-4002 moldable silicone retains high transparency even in harsh environments. UL introduced a verification service for lighting products with the opportunity to have an independent third-party laboratory verify the validity of claims about the level of optical flicker. “Synapse” developed by iLumTech is an innovative, intelligent and dynamic smart city control and monitoring system. Last but not least Flip Chip Opto released its first-in-class “Ares Series” UV-A spectrum flip chip COB.

World Record & Tiered Painting
In the field of alternative light sources, the company InovisCoat GmbH presented the world’s largest electroluminescence film at the LpS 2016 in Bregenz. A juror from Guinness World Records was there to make sure the claims were valid and then entered InovisCoat and LED professional in the Guinness Book of World Records. The use of LED lighting in Art was presented by the American artist, Clint Eccher, who exhibited his tiered paintings in Bregenz. He showed how LED lighting is used to transform static paintings into some of the most advanced paintings in the world. The dynamic, “living” pieces transform their appearance with LED lighting.

Sponsors, Media Partners & Supporting Organizations
The LpS 2016 Event received great support from the following sponsors: UL, Auer Lighting, Dow Corning, Munich Re, Osram, Topsil Global, Tridonic and Wago. Further, media partners like LICHT, MondoArc, LEDinside and Photonik made it possible that the LpS 2016 received global attention. Important lighting organizations like the Global Lighting Association, LightingEurope, PIDA, EPIC, ISA and many more, helped to bring the top lighting experts together in Bregenz.

Outlook 2017
The 7th LED professional Symposium +Expo is scheduled for September 26th to 28th, 2017 in Bregenz, Austria. The motto “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations” will be looked into and current trends in technologies and applications will be presented at the LpS 2017. Key headlines like Re-thinking lighting in applications, lighting innovations that drive new business models and Design meets Technology - Synergies between applications & technologies, summarize the thematic focus of next year’s event very clearly.
Call for Papers for the LpS 2017 will open by the end of October 2016.

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LpS 2016 - Technologies and Innovations in 6 Key Lighting Applications, Bregenz, Austria

August 23, 2016
Ruairí O’Brien, Vice-President at the Federation of International Light Designers and presenter of the paper “High Quality Lighting Designs with SSL – Practical Examples and the New Role of Lighting Designers”, said, “Lightcentric” is my key word for the future and the future belongs to the lighting designer. In the future, entire buildings, objects and surfaces will give us the light and the darkness we require, historical buildings will light from within, ‘sources’ will all but disappear from view, stars will appear and the word ‘skyline’ will receive a new meaning and importance. This is the dawn of a new architecture, a LIGHT architecture not just human centric but LIGHTCENTRIC”. Ruairí will also take part in the Design meets Technology Forum, organized by the Italian Lighting Design organization APIL and will talk about “Who's afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue”: The importance of holistic thinking for designers and technologists.

Philipp Ansorg is Researcher at AUDI and talks about fascinating LED and laser technology trends. “The LED technology enables control of every individual light-emitting diode in a synchronized lighting system. New luminous surfaces and flowing activations transform light from static to dynamic. The development of efficient lighting systems is an important component of the overarching trend of electro mobility. Therefore LED and laser based systems are the foundation of efficiency enhancements. Laser based lighting technology such as Digital Micromirror Devices enable ideal high definition light patterns for virtually every situation on the road. It is realized by means of a chip with hundreds of thousands of micromirrors that divide the light into tiny separately controlled pixels. The mentioned technology will be an important part for the communication of piloted driving vehicles and pedestrians. For instance, it is possible to indicate to pedestrians on the roads that they have been recognized and can cross the road safely”. Mr. Ansorg will talk about “Safety Concept for Future Laser Based Headlamp Systems” at the Alternative Light Sources Forum organized by the Photonics Cluster.

Anja Dieleman, Scientist at Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, summed up the major and highly effective impacts of LED technology on horticultural lighting. “LED lighting can contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of horticultural products, due to the high efficiency with which they convert electricity in light. However, the largest impact of LED lighting for greenhouse horticulture will be in the possibilities LEDs offer to provide the light colors the plant requires, depending on the developmental stage of the plant and the time of the day. In this way, we can steer pot plants to become more compact, flowers to form long shoots and tomatoes to produce tastier fruit. Our challenge is to find the proper dynamic lighting recipes for this”.

Ferenc Szabo, Professor at the University of Pannonia: “In 2016, the world still has many different opinions about LEDs applied in artwork lighting. Enhanced color has become evident but the possible effects of light on materials are still being argued about. Besides the basic facts that come from physics we still need more ‘close to reality’ investigations. Thanks to the ongoing multidisciplinary research works on LED museum lighting, more and more information is gained on the effects of LED light on historical materials. These results will help us to preserve our cultural heritage”.

Technologies are evolving fast from the light source to smart controls, networks and finally to intelligent lighting. It’s a huge potential of new forces driving the future. On the other hand, we can obtain the individual and specific directions within the key applications as the statements showed above. Carlos Lee, Secretary General at EPIC and organizer of a Horticulture Lighting workshop at the LpS 2016, summed it up with a general overview on Photonics technologies: “Photonics is a thrilling technology with applications found really everywhere. Products relying on photonics technology are found in photovoltaic, lighting, communication, defense, medical diagnostics and treatments, environmental monitoring, transport, and many more. Photonics is like electronics 40 years ago, it’s a key enabling pervasive technology, and we haven’t yet exploited the full potential”.

The LpS 2016 will be opened with fascinating keynotes featuring Nobel Prize Laureat Prof. Shuji Nakamura. Another highlight will be the Scientific Award Ceremony, where the best paper will be honored, after which will be the official opening of the high-class exhibition with internationally significant companies, media partners, scientific partners and Start-Up innovators. Among the myriad of products and services there will also be a humanoid robot and an Audi R8 with laser headlights to see. Selected product launches will be presented to journalists and lighting experts at the LpS 2016 press conference. The international lighting congregation has the possibility to strengthen business contacts at three networking events: the Exhibition Opening, a Meet and Greet evening organized by Munich Re and the Get-Together Evening aboard a cruise ship on Lake Constance. Finally, the organizers would like to thank the main sponsors of the LpS 2016: UL, auer Lighting, Dow Corning, Munich Re, Topsil Global, Tridonic, Osram and Wago.

Forums and Workshops
- International Solid-State Lighting Alliance by ISA
- Design meets Technology by APIL
- Alternative Light Sources by Photonics Cluster
- Risk Transfer & Investment for the LED Industry my Munich Re
- Spectrally – Tunable LED and OLED Lighting by HI-LED
- IoT & Artificial Intelligence by Jakajima
- Horticultural Lighting by EPIC
- SSL Lighting Measurement by Instrument Systems & TÜV SÜD

Conference Program:
Ticket Registration:

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LPS2016 Opening Keynote

LpS 2016 - The International Conference Dedicated to Lighting Innovations, Trends and Technologies, Austria, Europe

Press Release.
The 6th International LED professional Symposium +Expo in Bregenz from September 20th to 22nd reinforces creativity, innovations and new lighting solutions. The outstanding conference program will focus on “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations.”

The Lighting Trends, Knowledge & Innovation Platform
The lighting sector is facing enormous challenges. The LEDification process is ongoing while Intelligent Lighting and Human Centric Lighting strongly affect future lighting developments. New stakeholders, market players and organizations play important roles in future businesses and technology opportunities. State-of-the art knowledge, trend views and collaborations are vital for success in the highly dynamic market. In this environment the annual 3-day LpS event builds a platform to follow the latest trends, predict next generation lighting solutions, enforce collaborations and trigger lighting innovations.

4 Tracks with over 70 Top-Class Speakers
The conference program will concentrate on Future Trends, Intelligent Light, Internet of Things, Light Quality, Light Sources, Intelligent Lighting, Optics, Thermal Management, Reliability, Testing, and Applications, in four parallel tracks. More than 70 international speakers from key organizations such as IBM, Johnson Controls, Bartenbach, Lumileds, Tridonic, Philips, Holst Center, Infineon, NXP, and several renowned universities, will present their findings in the opera house and James Bond film location, the Festspielhaus Bregenz, on beautiful Lake Constance.

High-Level Lighting Celebrities
The LpS 2016 will be opened by Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Shuji Nakamura from the University of California Santa Barbara (the inventor of the blue and white LEDs), who will present the latest developments in LED and Laser-Diode technologies. The opening will also give insights into the strategic goals of the European Commission and LightingEurope, the voice of the European lighting industry. Secretary General, Diederik de Stoppelaar will highlight their strategic lighting roadmap 2025 in the field of intelligent lighting.

5 New Lighting Innovation Triggers
A “Design meets Technology Forum” is planned where the needs and requirements of lighting designers will be discussed and interaction with lighting engineers and system designers will be sought. The creative lighting community will also be given the chance to present their solutions from the component up to the lighting systems in the new “Start-Up Innovators” area. Besides the technical innovations, a Light-Art Design area opens the door to lighting designers and lighting artists, presenting their objects in the foyer of the opera house. In addition, intelligent light engines will be presented in a workshop covering spectrally and tunable LED and OLED lighting. The European project HI-LED will be covering “Intelligent Solutions” for museum, horticulture and street lighting. Finally, on day 3, EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortia, will offer a workshop on Horticulture Lighting and present their latest findings in plant growth system lights.

Visitors, Exhibitors and Partners
The organizers are expecting more than 1,500 visitors from over 50 countries. More than 100 exhibitors will present new products, latest innovations and the current status of LED and OLED lighting technologies in a 3,000 square meters exhibition area. Over 20 media partners, about 15 supporting organizations and several scientific partners are supporting the LpS 2016 event.

Early Bird Tickets Available
Online registration is open now with Early Bird tickets available until July 1st at the official event website:

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LpS 2016

LpS 2016, Bregenz, Austria

September 20-22, 2016, Bregenz, Austria
The annually LpS Event in Bregenz is Europe's foremost lighting technology event for people in industry and research. "Trends and Technologies for Future Lighting Solutions" are explored in the fields of general, industrial and architectural lighting. The LpS 2016 event will especially emphasis on "Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations" covering the latest trends in applications.