The unique professional event in Italy devoted to "visible" technologies and its applications
The reference point for all lighting professionals, smart home and electronics specialists .

A highly specialized public , composed of decision makers, buyers, energy managers, plant designers, installers, system integrators, architects, lighting designers, technical offices of municipalities, and lighting designers.

A unique occasion in Italy to be updated, develop business, meet lighting experts, know home automation technologies, focusing on solutions and products for the wellbeing and security of people.



ILLUMINOTRONICA 2016, Padua, Italy

Press Release N.6.
Over 7,000 participants and a 15% of growth confirm the event as the Italian reference point in LED lighting, smart solutions and new technologies

Milan, October 18th, 2016 – Record numbers for the 6th edition of Illuminotronica, which has taken place in Padua from the 6th to the 8th October becoming the Italian most important Italian trade fair focused on LED lighting, "smart" solutions, home automation and security. A successful edition sanctioned by the presence of an highly specialized audience composed by 7,245 professionals: decision makers, purchasing managers, buyers, engineers, electricians, installers, system integrators, architects, lighting designers, Public Administration representatives.
Starting with a complete “sold out”, made by a 3,500 square meters area and 190 companies distributed in two halls, the event registered a 15% of growth on the previous year collecting exhibitors’ satisfaction. Sponsors, visitors and conferences’ speakers recognized Illuminotronica great added value: the ability to offer, year after year, a unique marketing and communication tool, a state-of-the-art showcase of products, solutions and technologies, a laboratory of trends in lighting and home automation sectors and a significant business and networking opportunity for professionals of the same field.
Thanks to the rich conference program, to the training sessions and to some special initiatives - such as the Start-Up Area, with 10 innovative Italian companies selected by Assodel; the Smart Home demo (96 square meters and the 6 rooms) and the Leddove Gallery, with its LED design products and solutions - Illuminotronica represents a unique professional event in Italy where it is possible to update and consider the lighting, home automation and smart solution new challenges. In this way, the event demonstrates to be not only a trade fair, but also the mirror of a dynamic and evolving market.
"With great satisfaction we look at this constantly growing event as a reference point for all the professionals of the lighting and smart solutions sectors - said Silvio Baronchelli, President at Tecnoimprese, the Illuminotronica organizer -. This is a confirmation of an evolving industry and a growing number of operators who want to update their knowledge on technologies, market trends, new products and solutions. Also the success of the Codega Prize, awarded in the amazing setting of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, in Venice, highlighted the event central role in recognizing the LED lighting excellences".

ILLUMINOTRONICA 2016, 6-8 October 2016 - Padova

Press release. Milan, June 13, 2016. Meet and discover new technologies at home, cities, design, and in practic.
Milan, June 13, 2016 - From 6 to 8 October in Padua, Illuminotronica will showcase new technologies and "smart" solutions embracing the fields of LED lighting, security and home automation integration. Promoted by Assodel (the Italian Association of Electronics Clusters), Illuminotronica represents an important opportunity for discussion among technicians, companies and professionals, as well as a moment of meeting and update on technology developments, market scenarios and new business opportunities.

Technologies on display
Through a single leading thread – new technologies – Illuminotronica presents four application scenarios. For each of them, there are exhibitions and demonstration areas, talk shows, courses, workshops, special initiatives.

HOME - The Smart Home is the focal point of the smart lighting, security and home automation integration market. The demo area is 96 square meters, home automation (in pad.5 in partnership with CasaClima and the KNX technical director) applied where to find the latest news in terms of wireless controls, sensors, thermostats, intelligent lighting systems, devices for the control of consumption. With training skills for professionals and courses with credits.

CITIES - From Smart Home to Smart City, the step is not too far... In the show, Illuminotronica offers products and solutions for public lighting, video surveillance, network and internet of things, focusing on citizens well-being and safety. While Ecohitech Award, in its 18th edition, rewards municipalities for the energy saving and sustainable results achieved through the embracing of LED lighting solutions and new technologies. There will also be one-to-one meetings between Esco and public administration.

DESIGN - A path where new technologies meet with new design. With Light Experience, demo areas created from the collaboration between lighting industry and lighting designers, and a Gallery with the innovative design products, featuring the best of LED lighting for indoor and outdoor. Finally, Codega Prize, aimed at lighting professionals, solutions and achievements of excellence in the use of LED technology (

IN PRACTICE - Learn about the new products and explore its complexity design through courses, round tables and "practical" sessions in which it is possible to experiment and test innovative products and systems for smart lighting. In particular, E-Lab is the area of the field trials, designed for electrical and electronic technicians. A laboratory and a T&M corner for those who want to put themselves in the use of new technologies.

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Press releas Milan, March 5. LED lighting, smart technologies and customized solutions to achieve wellbeing, safety and energy savings
Milan, March 5 - Smart lighting, Li-Fi, OLED, Internet of Things, Solid State Lighting. All these words are related to innovation and new technologies which are changing - after the introduction of LEDs in lighting sector - our way of thinking light in different scenarios. Not to mention the high performance and lower costs that make LED a pervasive technology, with growth peaks in all applications.

New technologies and electronics for lighting applications (sensors, drivers, wireless devices, thermal management, etc.) represent the core of Illuminotronica 2016, a unique professional meeting in Italy dedicated to lighting in all its aspects.

Held from 6th to 8th October in Padua, Illuminotronica is a privileged point of view dedicated to all those who install, design or apply technologies, systems, products for smart lighting integrated with security and home automation systems. The event is promoted by Assodel (Italian Association of Electronics Clusters) and represents an important occasion of discussion between technicians and professionals, as well as an opportunity for updating on technological developments, market trends and new business opportunities.

First of all, the smart home
Our houses are subject to continuous changes, mostly related to the adoption of new technological devices and smart solutions that can cut energy consumption, optimize the control and management and improve the quality of our lives.
The smart home market is driven by different aspects, such as the European regulations on energy efficiency, the Italian tax recovery policies and the development of increasingly affordable and reliable technologies.

Illuminotronica 2016 especially focuses on smart home as the result of home automation, smart lighting and security integration, to meet people well-being and security needs.

Illuminotronica’s numbers
3,000 sqm of exhibition area
more than 6,300 visitors
more than 160 exhibitors and partners
+20% for International presences
+35% for events participants
more than 120 meetings (conferences, round tables, workshop, seminars)
2 installation labs and 4 demo areas
150 attendees at the Gala dinner in Venice

Event topics
Illuminotronica offers a comprehensive view on lighting, home automation and related technologies. These increasingly interconnected and integrated areas allow Illuminotronica to propose to industry professionals a series of initiatives, demo areas and conferences.

Among the 2016 edition topics:

• LED/Lighting:
Technologies & design through the dialogue between who provides technologies and who manufactures lighting fixtures
• Smart Hut:
Systems and hardware / software solutions to optimize applications, security, efficiency in smart homes and "visible" aspects (lighting, security, energy)
• Elettro & Micro:
Electronics (components and systems) to power, assemble, drive products and solutions in the meeting point between who offers and who acquires know-how
and solutions

A 360 degrees training session
In addition to the exhibition areas, Illuminotronica is a training point of reference thanks to its conferences, debates and training sessions organized in collaboration with experts.
In particular, the event proposes a series of free short technical and educational courses according to different difficulty levels, as well as seminars with credits, studied together with leading trade associations and accredited by professional orders.

Furthermore, technical schools can have customized courses with the aim of giving students a new approach on energy saving and flexibility offered by new technologies in the home automation and lighting fields.

Recognising efficiency, design and innovation
Illuminotronica 2016 will host two award ceremonies, to emphasize innovation and made in Italy design:

The Codega Prize ( is assigned to the best LED projects and solutions in Contract applications. The 4th edition of the International award that highlights innovative lighting projects and excellences in design will take place in Venice on 7th October.

The 18th edition of the Ecohitech Award, which is addressed to public municipalities which adopted LED technology in urban lighting, achieving important results in term of energy saving and citizens well-being.



Illuminotronica, PADOVA

6-8 October 2016, Padova, Italy
Illuminotronica is a privileged appointment in the SSL market, perfect to strengthen a company’s presence in the market.
A unique means to engage customers and to present products and solutions to an audience of qualified professionals and decision makers.