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Find Luminaire. Search, Browse
Search, browse, sharing search results and other useful functions.
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My Account
Manage your profile, create and changing Contacts Book, adding and updating your Email signature.
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My Projects
Creating and updating projects, Adding and removing products. Emailing projects to sales representatives, clients and colleagues.
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Posting your Projects
Submitting projects, updating information and removing projects from Ledelum.




Do you sell any product?

We do not sell any products. LEDELUM is a search portal that allows you to quickly find LED luminaire and connect with manufacturers or sales representative agency.

Can you help me with product technical or deign questions?
We do not provide any consulting or product support services. Please contact manufacturer or representative agency for information.
I'm finding information that is not correct.
We are striving to provide the most current and correct information available. If you find incorrect information, please email us at: support@ledelum.com
I found a photo that was published without my permission.

Most of the Projects photos are provided to us by manufacturers or designers. If you would like us to remove your picture, please send us an email with your contact information and proof of copyright to: ledelum@ledelum.com. Please include subject "Copyright".

I was searching for 2,000 Lm fixture that can be dimmed with 0-10v dimmer to 0.1%, but the description for the filtered fixture has 500 - 4,000 Lm. and also other dimming options. Is it a mistake?
This is a correct result. The description of the fixture will always show full range of luminaire options, but the search result will be based on only available combination of parameters.

I have a suggestion or comment on how to improve your search and website.

We appreciate any meaningful suggestion or comment. You can send your comments to info@ledelum.com. Please check our Disclaimer before contacting us with suggestions or comments.
I'm a manufacturer and I would like to include our product in your search.
We would be glad to have you on board. Please visit our "Membership Opportunities" page for details.
I would like to place advertisement on your website.
We would be glad to have you on board. Please visit our "Advertisement Opportunities" page for details.
Can I have an explanation what some of the parameters or terms mean?
Please visit our "Terminology" and "Applications" pages for industry terms and standards.
We are an architectural firm and we would like to publish some finished projects on Ledelum.com. Is it possible to publish our projects with links to our company website?

Yes, we would be glad to add your projects to our Projects Library. Each project has a link which can be linked to your company website. Projects can be submitted online, please visit our "Post Our Projects" page with submittal form (quickest method), or if you prefer to send the project information via email, please contact us at:projects@ledelum.com. All projects are subject to our review, which could take up to 2 weeks to process. We reserve the rights to post projects that we find suitable for Ledelum.com.

What additional features are available when I create an account and the project?

Creating a project will allow you to communicate with sales representative directly from "My Projects".  With user account the product can be grouped by manufacturer, sales representative and sent to specified emails recipients from your personal address book. Also you can create professional emails with your email signature, have edit and print functions and other usable features.