About Ledelum.com

Since 2011, LEDELUM is providing on-line search and catalog of architectural led luminaires for the North American market.
In 2016, reflecting on changes and trends in the lighting industry, LEDELUM introduced a completely redesigned website with fast and intuitive search, new project management options, with updated share and communication features and a lot more. Please use our quick reference guide to explore LEDELUM features.

LEDELUM is dedicated to staying ahead on the forefront of lighting technology and developments to effectively bring information and product to specifiers.
LEDELUM is changing the game of delivering information for the lighting industry by helping specifiers and manufacturers more efficiently manage their time in communicating manufacturers' products with designers, clients, contractors and other professionals. We also believed in the value of statistics, which LEDELUM brings to the industry with their comprehensive data collection and analytics since 2011.

LEDELUM is owned and operated by creative minds with experience in lighting, LED technology and construction. We are the leading search engine for LED lighting industry in North America and Internationally. 

Our current market is based in North America, with main offices located in the US and additional offices in Europe. 

We are constantly working on improving user's experience, providing new features and options.

Our mission:
LEDELUM 's mission is to provide 24/7 connection between Specifiers and Lighting manufacturers, deliver product information quickly and when it's needed - in the office, at the meeting, when traveling or on the job site. Consider us as a catalog with thousands of LED luminaires and hundreds of manufacturers that are always with you.


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